Finding Energy Through Healthy Living with Trish Ryan

MommaFinds Finding Energy Through Healthy Living with Trish Ryan

Quote of the Week
“Food is Fuel.”

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This week I interviewed a mentor of mine. I got the privilege of living with my Aunt Trish in my early 20s while she was in the THROWS of where am I now as a mom. She has now started a business helping people achieve the life they crave through healthy living habits. Today we talk food, family, and life as a mom.

Food Is Not the Enemy

As Trish kindly reminds me… Food is not the enemy.. Food is fuel and should be treated as such. I have a roadblock with food because there’s so much I can’t eat that is in everything. She helps me make the mental shift from constantly thinking about the foods I can’t eat, to the foods that I can. There are WAY more foods out there that I can eat then that I can’t. I just need the right foods and at my finger tips ready to go…

Make a Plan

To get the right foods at my fingertips through the week that isn’t energy bars and coffee, I need to make a plan. Each Sunday, partner with my husband and figure out what we’d like to eat for the week, shop for the ingredients either in person or by instacart, then be ready to roll each night. One thing Trish recommended that I’m going to do first is to actually start with just me and breakfast. Come up with 5 breakfast options for the week, make it on the weekend, and have things ready to go.

You Are Not Alone

As mom’s we tend to shoulder the burden of dinner. Or even dads will take it on. But that’s what happens. We take it all on. And we don’t have to. Work with your partner to find what part of meal planning and prep they like. Trish found her husband LOVED to do the shopping. My husband actually doesn’t mind the chopping and prep. Work together. Make it a family affair. You don’t have to go in it alone.

  • CORE Health - If you want to get more tips and tricks from Trish or even see a sample meal plan, check out her website.
  • Here are a few of Trish’s FAVORITE website for recipes ++ ++ ++ ++

  • Here are a few options for Food Shopping ++ Instacart ++ Amazon Fresh ++ Check your local stores too. I know GIANT and Safeway Grocery stores deliver as well.

Find Your Happy Medium

The best way to find your happy medium when it comes to health and well being is to be kind to yourself, as Trish states. Some days our best effort are peanut butter on toast and that’s okay. On that on that day that’s all we could do.

You do you momma, and keep finding your happy medium one meal at a time.

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