Balancing Life, Work, and a Side Business

MommaFinds Balancing Life, Work, and a Side Business

Quote of the Week
“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep balance you must keep moving.”
~ Albert Einstein

Doing it All

After 17 years I have reconnected with a friend from middle school who is now a mom, has a full time job, and runs a side business, all while figuring out how to take care of herself.

Find inspiration in her story in being a mom. Sometimes it’s just nice to know we’re not alone.

The Side Business

Kim has found a line of skin products she truly believes in and a way to make money by telling people about it, like myself. Here’s the thing about finding your happy medium when it comes to extra income… It has to be the right thing for you. This works for Kim because she’s so unbelievably passionate about it, which you hear in the podcast. I’ve had friends sell wine and be successful. I have friends who love food and found ways of sharing that passion through their own online business. It’s just taking what you care most about and sharing it with the world, to make real connections, and a little extra income.

Managing A Family, A Job, and Side Business

1 - clear it with your partner. Make sure they understand how it’s going to help the family and what you’re trading to do it. Are you trading family time, tv time, your lunch break, etc. Is it important enough to trade these things and why. Your partner must be onboard and supportive and understand what it means to you. The true WHY in WHY you’re taking this on. Do you want to becomes a stay at home mom and till contribute to the finances? Whatever the case maybe, if your partner understands why then when things pop up time to time like having to take a call during family time (on the rare occasion) they can be supportive.

2 - Set goals. What are you hoping to achieve and in what time frame. Commit to it. It’s a Business, side or not. Treat it like one or you may not see the trade off results you had hopped. Kim explains how she breaks down her hours to the day so she knows how much she needs to commit to be successful without disrupting her day to day priorities - like family time.

3 - Set Non Negotiable priorities. For Kim, when she gets home at night from 6 - 8 is family time. She comes home and is off her phone and dedicated to being with her child and husband. What’s your non negotiable? What are your partners?

Find Your Happy Medium

If you’re thinking about starting a side business now matter how or small no matter the reasons, then follow the steps above. They’ll lead you to your happy medium. For me, it was less TV and more helping mommas find their happy medium.

What’s yours? 

You do you momma, and keep finding your happy medium one sale at a time.

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