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Quote of the Week
“You’re off to great places! Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting, so… Get on your way!”
– Dr. Suess

Stay Calm

Traveling with kids is stressful. Going to to store (especially Target) isn’t a walk in the park. How do we travel far and wide with kids when we can barely make it down the street?!

I have a friend who has braved planes, trains, and automobiles with her two kids (now 2 and 5). She recently got back from traveling to Australia, by herself with them both. I’m about to travel to Europe with my twins and I had a million question. So I hopped on a podcast with her to hash out how you survive a very long, overnight flight with kids.

Listen to the whole conversation here.

To Sum Up

The long and short of it is to stay calm. They read you and take cues from you. If you’re freaking out. Then they’re freaking out.

Ngoc also gave me a great list of products to make the long haul a little easier:

  • Foot rests - Turn airline chair into a bed for baby. Please do your research BEFORE buying and make sure the airline you’re flying accepts them.
  • Triangle Crayons - So they don’t roll!
  • Window Clings
  • Melissa and Doug Water Drawing Pads
  • Take snacks that are tried and true (don’t try anything new when traveling)
  • Water - No juice. Avoid or reduce sugar when traveling to help keep kids calm. Pro Tip: Slight unscrew the cap of your water bottle before take off or it will explode
  • Antibacterial Wipes - Wipe down EVERYTHING (a Naomi Campbell Recommendation). The airlines do not clean between each flight.

Find Your Happy Medium

I hope this podcast inspires you to get out with your kids and see beyond your and their comfort zone. It doesn’t have to be far or for long. You do you and find your happy medium on trip at a time.

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