Baby's First Shoes - The Right Fit

Baby's First Shoes
"The littlest feet make the biggest footprints in our hearts."


First, let me be clear. I'm talking about everyday, playing hard, shoes. Special occasion and sandals do not fit this cateogry.

Get babies foot measured by an expert or
get the right tools to measure at home . You'll want to check the length AND the width. Babies feet run wide so you'll want to make sure to get a round or square toe box.

Shop later in the day as babies feet expand by the end of the day.

Check with and without socks too. If it's the winter and baby wears thicker socks that will effect the size of the shoe.

I had socks on Henry that he wore on occasion when we went to buy him new shoes. The next day, when he was in regular socks, it turned out the shoes were too big. We held on to them for when he leveled up, but had to go back to the store and get a different size.

For Ellie, I noticed she grew out of her shoes when she'd be falling more. She'd all of sudden start tripping a lot in a walk to the store, a walk she takes all the time.

Once you're trying shoes on your tot, use your pinky to check between the big toe and top of the shoe. I know their feet grow so fast. From everything I've read about buying toddler shoes, everyone says DO NOT BUY a bigger size to save money.  They all ask the same question, "Would you be comfortable walking in bigger shoes?!"


There are mixed reviews about hand-me-downs. Some say to not use hand-me-down shoes because shoes mold to the babies feet. Every baby is different as we know. Use your discretion. If the shoes look very warn then I'd keep looking. But if they look gently used and there isn't a hard foot print in the bottom of the shoe and the sole is in good condition then go for it.

I made the mistake of buying shoes on Amazon the first time. I bought E these super cute hot pink Saucony's. And she did nothing but fall. They were the wrong size. They were too stiff, and her little feet sweat a ton. Gross. 

So I hit Google hard and researched what is in a good toddler shoe:

Breathable: If you look on the bottom of a good toddler shoe, you should see holes or look for shoes that are a soft mesh to help baby feet breath.

Soft soles: The soles should be super flexible. If baby is walking like a penguin where they are flopping their feet in front of them, their soles are too stiff.

Wide or square toe box: Like I said earlier, babies feet are wide and they need room to spread out their toes while walking.

My mom really wanted to buy the babies new shoes while she was in Europe. I gave her these guidelines and ever since the babies have been wearing primarily the Geox brand. They hit all these points. They are expensive though. I got lucky because E's feet are bigger than H so when she out grows a pair they go to him so they get a bit more life out of them. These shoes are built for these kids to play hard so I can use them on two kids.

Fun fact - if Amazon is your go to, they started a "Try before you buy" program where the shoes are free for 7 days so you can make sure you they fit before you commit. 


Geox isn't the only brand that checks all the boxes.

See Kai Run: These DO show up on review sites and usually as #1 recommended toddler shoe and receive 4 - 5 stars on Amazon. Reviews say they're great for wide feet, with a breathable mesh, and a flexible durable sole.

pedipeds: These also show up on review sites and have 4 - 5 stars on Amazon. They're essentially free for 7 days while you make sure they fit. They're also on the less expensive side, and their soles are very very thin which is great for a new walker.

Site Ride: I haven't seen these in person so I can't say for sure they check all the boxes, but they have over 300 reviews at 4.5 stars on Amazon.

Plae: I'm including this brand because they BOMBARD me on Facebook. This doesn't get the best Amazon reviews - 3 stars - and I've heard from friends they barely make it through true hard toddler plan. Be weary. They are also on the pricey side and are not recommended on review sites.


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