Breastfeeding or Formula - Which is right for baby AND you

Nursing Twins
"A happy baby is a fed baby."  Which in turn, makes for a happy momma.

Is breast best?

There are a million pros to breast feed or formula feed. There is no wrong way. In fact, you could even do both. At the end of the day you need to decide which is best for baby and you. 

All Breastfeeding
Pros to breastfeeding - just to name a few: Breastmilk contains all the nutrients your baby needs for the first six months. If you skip the "optional" gear, Breastfeeding doesn't cost money. Breastfeeding lowers your baby's risk of having asthma or allergies and helps fight bacteria and infections. For some mommas things just flow easily. If this is you, that's amazing! 

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Pros to formula: Your significant other can help especially with night feedings. It comes in Dairy and Soy - Free optionsIt's filled with important nutrients like Vitamin D. If nursing hurts, baby is gassy, or you're milk is just not coming in, then make the switch to bottles and formula. A fed baby is a happy baby and you are NOT a failure. 

A Happy Medium
In other cases you can try and do both, nursing and formula. If baby is able to nurse, but she's not putting on the weight, then try formula, even if it's only once or twice a day. If you just need a break and want to sleep through the night and your SO is all for chipping in, then have them mix up a bottle of formula. If you're only producing an ounce a day, then nurse to give that baby as many nutrients as you can and use formula for the remaining 39 ounces. Do what you can do.  

No matter what you chose, chose what's right for you and baby. There is no wrong answer here and don't let anyone tell you differently. 

Breastfeeding tips and tricks

If you decide to start out trying to breastfeed, here's some tips and tricks to get you started, troubleshoot, and boost your supply:

The most important thing when getting started with breastfeeding is confidence and being relaxed. The more relaxed you are the easier things will flow... literally. Doesn't hurt to be prepared with some classes before hand either. Check with your hospital to see what's available. Some doulas and midwives also provide support for before and after.

If you've taken all the steps and you're still having some issues like getting baby to latch, sleepy at the breast baby, or just straight up pain (which you should never have), then try some of these tricks of the trade, like skin to skin, squirting milk into babies mouth to help them sleepy feed, or switching breasts mid feed when babies getting too much milk too fast on one side.

Formula tips and tricks

  • When it comes to picking the best baby formula you can't really go wrong — they're all FDA regulated. The best formula for you will depend on what ingredients work best for your baby and what’s important to you when it comes to organics and enhancements.
  • Avoid low-iron formula. Most formulas on the market have adequate iron. Just be sure to check that it's iron fortified when you buy a formula. There is a lot of evidence that iron deficiency in the first years adversely affects brain development. And side effects from iron (gas, constipation, discomfort) while much discussed, are actually very rare.
  • Choose cow's milk formula over soy to start with.

Products of the trade

Breast feeding and/or formula, you made need bottles regardless.
Here's the top bottles of 2018.

For mommas on baby two ditch the traditional pump. Try this:
Pump hands free, wire free, machine free with this new "system". There's nothing more freeing than the silent sound of a let down.


This is the start of a beautiful friendship

As millennial mommas we have different challenges than our parents and grandparents had. We have too much information at our fingertips and everyone has opinions about "the right way" to raise YOUR baby.

The only person who knows how to raise your baby, is you. There is no right or wrong way. There is no this or that. There is no ALL or nothing. 

There is however, a happy medium.

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